The most important consideration when planning a funeral is arranging a service which best suits the needs of you and your family. Other important things to consider include choosing an appropriate casket, selecting flowers, and making cemetery arrangements. We will be available to help you with making selections that best fulfill your personal wishes.

Traditional Funeral Ending with Burial

This service option incorporates all of the aspects traditionally thought of regarding a funeral, such as an open casket visitation with a funeral service following sometime the next day. The funeral service can take place at a church or within the funeral home. This service option would also include a procession to a cemetery, followed by a burial.

Traditional Funeral Ending With Cremation

This service option incorporates all of the aspects of a Traditional Funeral ending with burial, except that cremation is chosen as final disposition. There can still be an open casket visitation, funeral service of your choosing, and even a procession to a cemetery chapel for a final committal. However, when the services are completed, the remains are directed to a crematorium instead of a grave for burial. The option always remains to have the cremains buried at a later time.

Funeral With Visitation At Time Of Service

This service option allows for the condensing of the funeral services from two or more days into one. An open casket visitation would be held in the morning, prior to any formal funeral services taking place. Again, the funeral service itself can take place at a church or within the funeral home. This service, like the Traditional Funeral options, can end with a burial or cremation.

Direct Burial

This service option is the simplest with regard to services ending with a burial. This option would allow for the director to oversee the burial of the remains at a cemetery of the family's choice. Additional options are available to facilitate a graveside service with a minister or priest of the family's choice.

Direct Cremation

This service option is the simplest with regard to final disposition of the remains being cremated. In this case, the director will oversee the cremation of the remains and the return of the cremains to the family. Additional options are available to facilitate a memorial service, graveside service with burial, or scattering of the cremains.

Anatomical Gift

This service option is available for people who want their remains donated to scientific study. In this case, the director oversees the transfer of the remains to the Anatomical Gift Association for further preparation and assignation to a local university for study. Additional options are available to facilitate a memorial visitation or memorial service.

Note: There are many additional options that can be added or subtracted from any of the above mentioned service options. All of these service options can be adapted to meet each family's individual needs and wants.

A detailed list of the costs involved with each type of service can be found on our General Price List Page.

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At Gibbons, our warmest feelings come from the families we serve who send us a note later telling us we made things a little easier during their toughest times. During this Covid Virus period, we've looked for every way we can to continue being there for our families who've lost loved ones. We get a note like this, and it's all worthwhile! Thank you, Theresa. It was a privilege to serve your mom and your family.


"Hello Marya, I just want to say thanks on behalf of my entire family for the compassionate and professional work you did for my mothers funeral. I know it was especially challenging this year during Covid and you did a great job. And thanks for working with all the various requests from different family members and bridging those gaps."

Theresa Nugent