Cremation can be cost effective without minimizing the significance of your loved one's life.

Cremation is a preferred choice for some of our families. Often times Cremation is chosen because it was a wish declared to the family by the loved one who passed. It might even be codified legally in wills and final testaments for people who have expressed a preference for Cremation. At Gibbons, we provide all manners of service with regards to the disposition of a loved one's remains through Cremation. Many families honor the wishes of Cremation after celebrating their loved one's life with a visitation/viewing (an urn or casket may be used for visitation) or memorial service at our location or at a worship or community space. A full religious or simple memorial service may even occur in a graveside or chapel cemetery service if a family chooses to inter the ashes in a family plot or near a loved one. Cremation followed by burial in consecrated ground is an approved rite of burial by the Catholic Church. Scattering of cremains is also a method many families choose to honor the wishes of their loved one.

At Gibbons Funeral Home, we take our responsibility very seriously in our Cremation service. A licensed director will oversee the cremation of the remains and the return of the cremains to the family. We provide a series of options with Cremation Urns for purposes of saving the cremains, mausoleum or cemetery interment, or a suitable receptacle for the family's ability to scatter the cremains Like any choice made to honor a loved one, Gibbons Funeral Home is there to facilitate all of the important decisions and legal requirements so a family can honor the memory of their loved one in the manner they prefer.

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